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Felt Grow Pots Rectangle Growing Pots Fabric

Felt Grow Pots Rectangle Growing Pots Fabric

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Type: Grow Bags

Material: Felt

felt plant grow bags: vegetable pots

outdoor garden pot: veget garden

growing bags for vegetables: grow bag


Product Description

Felt fabric is soft and needs support to stand up, please make sure you don't mind before you place an order.
1. Made of reusable felt material, water retaining felt material creates perfect soil condition, excess water will automatically drain, used for indoor and outdoor.
2. No need to have empty garden pots and containers cluttering up you yard in winter, when the growing season is over, simply empty the earth out of the fabric bag and pack it away.
3. Instant fabric soft raised garden bed for plants, flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, both for indoor or outdoor decoration.

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