Jewelry Design Process

Designing custom jewelry is an art that combines creativity, craftsmanship, and personalization. We specialize in assisting you through the whole process from your vision to creation.

Having a Personal Custom Jeweler

Inspiration: It all begins with inspiration. Maybe it’s a memory, a feeling, or a specific gemstone that sparks your imagination. Consider the story you want your jewelry to tell. Collect images of inspiration jewelry ideas you want to wear or to gift.

Metals: Decide on the metal—gold, silver, platinum, or a combination. Each metal has unique properties and aesthetics.

Gemstones: Research gemstones—diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, etc. Understand their characteristics, colors, and symbolism. Choose stones that resonate with your design.

Jewelry Consultation: Discuss your ideas with us. We will guide you through the process, considering your preferences, budget, and technical feasibility.

Custom Jewelry Artist: Our Designer/Artist specializing in Custom Jewelry will assist you through the process. We will help you find your vision and sketch out a concept & specifics to create the final piece.

3D Renderings: We will then email you multi-perspective angles of your jewelry piece for approval (3D renderings). You are allowed (2) revisions to get it dialed in to perfection.

Casting and Polishing: Once you approved you render & have selected a chosen metal it is then casted from a wax print & polished.

Stone Setting: A jeweler will set the stones and complete final touches & polish a bit more.

Final Inspection: Your finished piece will be inspected for quality control and marked complete.

Ready for the client to wear!

  • Week 1 - 2

    Create your Custom Jewelry and Consult with a Personal Custom Jeweler, Designer. The Gemstone(s) and/or Diamond(s) is selected. The non-refundable deposit is paid and design details are finalized. Revise Render if needed (2 Revisions Included).

  • Week 2 - 3

    Revisions are completed & Render is Approved. Design is sent to print (3D Wax), and then casted into Metal of Choice. *Timeline may vary, depending on the complexity of the design.

  • Week 3 - 4+

    Once Casted, the Raw Casting is then Prepared for Setting. First, Tumbled, Polished and Filed to Perfection. This Refining Process are the details that create a Flawless Finish.

    Final Deposit is Paid, and Custom Item is Delivered to Perfection. *Shipping costs may vary.

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Remember, custom jewelry is more than aesthetics; oftentimes there is meaning, emotion and connectivity. Connectivity between partners or a connectivity to create something truly unique. So, let's create something extraordinary, just for you or that special someone!

Custom Design

Emerald, Diamonds & Her Favorite Flowers Engagement Ring

Natural Emerald, Diamonds and Her Favorite Flowers were incorporated into this design on 18K YG. Absolutely stunning result, he popped the question Easter 2024!

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Custom Design

Princess-Cut Diamond Halo 1/2 Eternity Ring & Band

Anniversary update for a client that wanted to use her existing main stone, princess-cut. Together we found the perfect update for her and even created a matching 14K WG band. Happy Anniversary!

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Custom Design

Men's Pressure Set Radiant Diamond Ring

Men's Radiant-Cut Pressure Set Band with Princess-Cut Accent Stones. This ring is a testimony of love ring and a celebration of life ring, in honor this client's wife. Engraved inside the ring is a message to her in heaven and we used their wedding blessed diamond to create this beautiful, masculine ring.

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Custom Design

3 Stack Ring, 3/4 Eternity Band with 2.5 Ct Diamond

3 Stack 18K YG, 3/4 Eternity Ring & Band with 2.5 Ct Lab Diamond. This client wanted a brand new birthday update using all lab stones, making an elegant and cost effective design.

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Custom Design

3/4 Eternity Diamond Prongs 3 Ct Solitaire with Hidden Gem

You guessed it! Another Anniversary Ring Update! The client wanted something more contemporary and new. She sent over inspiration photos and we added the hidden gem that matches her eyes for a personal touch. Tears of joy upon delivery, Happy Anniversary!

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Custom Design

Heart Diamond Earrings with Removable Halos, 14K WG

Love Hearts, Love Diamonds?! Then you will love these diamond heart earrings! This client wanted an earring that could transform and be versatile. So we created just that!

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Custom Design

18K 3-Stone Natural Diamond Ring (Past, Present, Future)

Every ring tells a story, it marks a chapter, a milestone, a proud moment, a love story, a birthday, a celebration, a memory. This ring is the tail of two widows finding each other and creating a ring together to symbolize their new life together. Elegant, simple and modest, in respects to their past parnters.

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